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The Athena is dedicated to offering a positive theater-going experience to all our patrons. In order to offer an inclusive experience for everyone, we offer the following options when available. Please note that studios do not offer captioning and audio descriptive technology with all of their films. Please visit the pages of individual films to find out which of the following options are available for use with each film.

Open Caption (OC)

The movie’s dialogue and key sounds are superimposed as text over the screen images. Films enabled with open captions will have all screenings on Mondays played with text on the screen. Check individual film pages to see if they can run Open Captions on Mondays.

CaptiView® Closed Caption (CV)

The CaptiView system consists of a small OLED display on a bendable support arm that fits into the theater seat cup holder. The easy-to-read screen is equipped with a high contrast display that comes with a privacy visor so it can be positioned directly in front the movie patron with minimal impact or distraction to neighboring patrons.

Audio Description (AD)

Headset delivers personal narration throughout the film. Our Fidelio system works wirelessly in theater enabling blind and visually impaired moviegoers to hear the descriptions on headsets from any seat in the theater.

Assistive Listening (AL)

Headset amplifies the film’s audio. Our Fidelio system works wirelessly in the theater amplifying the film’s audio to any seat in theater.

Subtitles (ST)

Textual versions of the dialogue are displayed in English on the bottom of the screen. This applies mostly to foreign language films.


The Athena is fully accessible to wheelchairs in all theaters and has an elevator in the lobby.