Private Rentals at the Athena

The Athena is now offering private rentals! Want an experience that offers you the magic and nostalgia of a big screen experience and supports the Athena? We invite you to get out of your house, enjoy beautiful Uptown Athens and create memories with your loved ones.
All rentals include bottomless concessions, featuring: Shagbark Seed & Mill Popcorn, and assortment of soda pop and theater candy boxes. Hot chocolate and coffee are available upon request.
We are also now offering the add-on option of including a message on our marquee with your reservation. There is an additional fee of $75 and messages are subject to review and availability.


The Athena Cinema cannot allow entry to the building for those who are experiencing symptoms of illness or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Cancellations and postponements due to pandemic-related reasons will be accommodated.


Complete the form below to submit your rental request!


For buying a rental credit as a gift for someone else, email with details. You can also call our office at 740-594-7382 between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. on weekdays to make requests for rentals, however our staff is limited and not always in the office.



How many family members or friends can attend?

Your rental is good for up to 15 persons, have not recently tested positive for the coronavirus, not ordered to isolate or quarantine by the health department and are not currently experiencing symptoms of illness.

How do I schedule a private rental?

You can schedule by calling 740-594-7382, Mon-Fri from 9 am-5pm. We have very limited availability for the month of December and private rentals are available first-come, first-serve. All reservations must be made 72 hours in advance.

Do we have to wear masks?

All Athena patrons and staff are required to wear a mask upon entry to the theater, in compliance of CDC and Athens County Health Department recommendations, as well as Ohio University mandates.

Will you be selling concessions?

Yes, your rental fee includes bottomless concessions featuring: Shagbark Seed & Mill Popcorn, an assortment of soda pop and candy. Hot chocolate and coffee available upon request. Outside food is not permitted.

Do members receive a discount?

Yes, Athena Cinema members receive a $50 discount on any rental! Just make sure to mention that you are a member when making your reservation.

What are you doing to make private rentals safe?

We are taking extensive precautions to ensure that this is a safe and fun experience for our guests. Some of these steps include:

  • No Athena employee will report to work if they have recently tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Athena employees will all wear masks.
  • Plexiglass shields have been installed at our counter, our HVAC system has been equipped with new, state-recommended HEPA filters, water fountains are outfitted with more sanitary bottle-filling nozzles, and hand sanitizer dispensers are positioned throughout the lobby.

Rest assured that the Athena will adhere to the standards and recommendations of the state government, local health department, and Ohio University concerning virus-spread prevention to make sure all our visitors enjoy a safe and welcoming experience.

Please Note:
Although your group will have exclusive access to the specific theater reserved for the time slot of your rental, there may be others in the building, and public screenings before and/or after your reserved time slot in that same theater. If special accommodations are needed, please email with details and concerns.

What films can we watch?

Films may be procured by theater staff and cost will be added to rental. Some titles are available for no additional cost. List of seasonal titles available upon request.

What if I need to cancel?

Refunds or postponement due to COVID-related reasons will be honored. If you, or anyone in your party are exhibiting symptoms, you must cancel.

How do we pay for the rental?

We encourage cashless transactions through pay ahead options online or by phone.

When should we arrive for our screening?

The theater will be open for seating 15 minutes before your screening. Once your party has arrived and entered your theater, the film will start no later than 5 minutes after the reserve time.

Can I purchase a rental as a gift?

Absolutely! The recipient will have 30 days from the date of purchase to schedule the rental.

How much will a rental cost and what does it cover?

Rentals include private access to one of our theaters for the entire duration of a film of your choosing, up to two and a half hours. Pod rentals are priced at a flat rate of $250 and include bottomless concessions. Athena members are eligible for a $50 discount. Depending on your movie choice, an additional fee may be added for the Athena to acquire the film for your party.

Additional questions or requests? Contact us by emailing