Director: Daina O. Pusić • Cast: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lola Petticrew, Leah Harvey, Arinzé Kene

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From A24 Studios comes a powerful story about life, death, and love. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld, Veep) takes a step outside of her usual brilliantly funny persona to star as Zora, a single... [read more]

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Viewing: June 18,2024

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Classics & Cocktails: GHOST

The second film in our Classics & Cocktails series is GHOST. The featured cocktail is the Ditto Gimlet, made with Eleven Square Gin, fresh lime, simple syrup, cucumber, mint, Angostura, rose water... [read more]


Written, directed by, and starring Cheryl Dunye, THE WATERMELON WOMAN was the first feature film to be directed by a Black lesbian when it was released in 1996. Shot in a documentary... [read more]

Classics & Cocktails: SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER

How deep is your love…for this classic movie?! This is the film that made John Travolta and The Bee Gees household names. This is the film that cinema critic Gene Siskel put... [read more]

Ceramics at the Cinema: Little Shop of Horrors Planters

“Feed me, Seymour..!” Inspired by the classic movie musical Little Shop of Horrors, participants will get a chance to glaze a terracotta planter with ceramics glazes of their choice, in addition to... [read more]

Movies on the Rooftop: LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS

Join us for a special rooftop film screening in conjunction with our Ceramics at the Cinema event! Screening of this film will take place atop the Athens City Parking Garage. Seating will... [read more]


MA VIE EN ROSE (MY LIFE IN PINK) tells the story of Ludovic, a transgender youth who commits herself to living as a girl. Ludovic’s family has just relocated to a nice,... [read more]

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KINDS OF KINDNESS: Opens Wednesday, July 3rd

Coming hot on the heels of the resounding success of Poor Things, Yorgos Lanthimos is back with a new film starring an ensemble cast that includes Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons, and Willem Defoe.... [read more]


From Magnolia Pictures comes a “road movie” of a different stripe: Veteran character actress of stage and screen June Squibb stars as “Thelma”, a 93-years-young grandma who falls victim to a phone... [read more]


Mia Goth returns to reprise her role as aspiring (adult) film star Maxine “Max” Minx in Maxxxine, the third installment of Ti West’s critically-acclaimed “X” franchise of slasher-horror films from A24 Studios.... [read more]

The Athena Cinema hopes to play each of these films but they are not all confirmed. When a film is confirmed an arrival date will be added. Although it is unlikely, arrival dates may be shifted due to unforeseen circumstances.