All Is Lost: Playing at the Athena Now Through December 12th

Watch Trailer Director: J.C. Chandor
Writer(s): J.C. Chandor
Cast: Robert Redford

Deep into a solo voyage in the Indian Ocean, an unnamed man wakes to find his 39-foot yacht taking on water after a collision with a shipping container left floating on the high seas. With his navigation equipment and radio disabled, the man sails unknowingly into the path of a violent storm. Despite his success in patching the breached hull, his mariner’s intuition and a strength that belies his age, the man barely survives the tempest. Using only a sextant and nautical maps to chart his progress, he is forced to rely on ocean currents to carry him into a shipping lane in hopes of hailing a passing vessel. But with the sun unrelenting, sharks circling and his meager supplies dwindling, the ever-resourceful sailor soon finds himself staring his mortality in the face.

“There is incredible tension in this ordeal, this effort to survive, to find rescue, and Redford – an icon of the American film experience for more than half a century now – makes that tension deeply palpable.”-Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer
“It’s a classic tale of survival that draws on how movies, in the right hands, can make viewers see the world through others’ eyes, and to feel what keeps them grasping as it threatens to slip away.”-Keith Phipps

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Running Time: 106 Minutes106 MIN
PG-13 Rated