BABES: Opens Friday, May 31st

Watch Trailer Director: Pamela Adlon
Cast: Ilana Glazer, Michelle Buteau

Eden (Ilana Glazer) and Dawn (Michelle Buteau) have been BFF’s since childhood; however, they have very different approaches to Life — Dawn is a responsible, married mother of two; Eden, on the other hand, lives life on more carefree terms. After a one-night stand, Eden finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and, deciding to follow through with having the baby, turns to Dawn for help and advice. As the two friends wrestle with the complexities of motherhood, their friendship gets put to the test (along with lots of laugh-inducing fun from two top-notch comedians!) and each comes away a little wiser in the end.

Rounding out the cast of this latest Glazer project is Oliver Platt, Hasan Minhaj, and Sandra Bernhard. Directed by Pamela Adlon (the voice actress for “Bobby” from the TV show King of the HillI), Babes debuted at the SXSW in March 2024 and is sure to be another feather in the cap for the zany star and co-creator of  Broad City.




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Running Time: 109 MIN109 MIN
This Film is Wheelchair Accessible