Science on Screen® Presents BATMAN with Dr. Joseph Johnson

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The Athena Cinema presents Science on Screen: Under the Stars!

Outdoor talks and screenings held at the Ridges Ballfield

**RAIN DATE NOTICE: Due to rain, this event has been moved from the evening of June 3rd to June 5th, at the same start time and location as planned. All tickets sold for June 3rd will be honored for the June 5th showing.

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The Athena is thrilled to announce an outdoor screening of Tim Burton’s BATMAN at The Ridges Ballfield, presented by Science on Screen®, featuring a pre-show presentation from OU’s Joseph Johnson, Assistant Professor of Vertebrate Biology at Ohio University. Joe’s talk is titled: Nature’s Superheroes: Bats, their superpowers, and their kryptonite

Bring a blanket and/or chairs (and a jacket!) to the Ridges ballfield and set up camp in front of our outdoor screen on the evening of June 5th. We strongly encourage tickets and concessions be purchased in advance. Outdoor screenings presented by the Athena will adhere to University public health safety protocols.

Seating on the field will begin at 8:00 P.M. The event will start at 8:30 P.M. with the presentation, and the film starting shortly thereafter.


Tickets to this event are SOLD OUT.


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About the film

Having witnessed his parents’ brutal murder as a child, millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) fights crime in Gotham City disguised as Batman, a costumed hero who strikes fear into the hearts of villains. But when a deformed madman who calls himself “The Joker” (Jack Nicholson) seizes control of Gotham’s criminal underworld, Batman must face his most ruthless nemesis ever while protecting both his identity and his love interest, reporter Vicki Vale (Kim Basinger).


About the speaker

Joseph Johnson, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Vertebrate Biology at Ohio University. Joe’s research focuses on bat ecology and conservation in Ohio and around the world. He has been studying bats since 2003 and is more fascinated by bats every day.

His presentation, “Nature’s Superheroes: Bats, their superpowers, and their kryptonite” will take place before the film.










Science on Screen® is an initiative of the Coolidge Corner Theatre, with major support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The Science on Screen program pairs films with a short talk with a scientist or technology expert. The free Science on Screen events are fun and engaging, offering dynamic speakers an unexpected jumping point to teach their field of expertise in a way that is accessible to a diverse audience.



This event is made possible with the support of the OHIO Museum Complex.


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Running Time: 126 min126 MIN
This Film is Wheelchair Accessible