Watch Trailer Director: Allen Baldwin, Regina Bartholomew, The Sisters Grumbling, Kyle Rankin, and R.J. Wilson

Damnationland is an annual showcase of terrifying new Maine-made short films, highlighting the dark arts of independent filmmaking from New England’s haunted figurehead state. In this third year of the series, producers Eddy Bolz and David Meiklejohn proudly present five films from Maine filmmakers Allen Baldwin, Regina Bartholomew, the Sisters Grumbling, Kyle Rankin, and R.J. Wilson. Screening in theaters both in Maine and around the country, Damnationland 2012 will chill audiences with its disturbed visions of life in the northeast.

One night only, Thursday, October 25th at 7:00pm!

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Running Time: 80 minutes80 MIN
Not Rated