Yang Miller hosts Drop Your Shorts, a short film event celebrating the talent of local and regional filmmakers. It gives participants the chance to see their original work on the big screen. The rules are simple. The film must be under 12 minutes and there are no other rules!

Lineup for Sunday’s event:

1. Listen -Megan Woolf

2. The Fate of Dylan -William Morosko

3. Spook’d -Jenna Prosser

4. String Finger -Charlie Touvell

5. Marilyn – Audrey Creary- Dela Cruz

6. Stoner Thoughts -Shawn Wickens

7. Strings of the Past -Terrance Reimer

8. Clara -Alex Radanof

9. FEELIN’ FINE – Jeremy Kellerman

10. Stuff I take and lose and find again in my pocket -Savannah White

11. Gothkin -Tony Lone

12. Joy in Present Grief -Samuel Stanton

13. The Long Journey -John Amato

14. Bathe in the Waste -Chris Croft and Josh Miller

15. Rollin’ VIP Style -Yang Miller

16. I’m not Grub Hub -David Smith

Admission $5

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This Film is Wheelchair Accessible