Watch Trailer Director: Scott Hamilton Kennedy
Cast: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Series Description:
What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner are universal questions, and what’s on your plate reveals much about your culture and society. The Food on Film series serves up films that highlight not only the cuisines of different countries but also ways in which the food we eat tells the stories of our lives.

Additional Information:
Each film screening will be followed by a discussion.

Amid a brutally polarized debate marked by passion, suspicion, and confusion, Food Evolution explores the controversy surrounding GMOs and food. Traveling from Hawaiian papaya groves, to banana farms in Uganda, to the cornfields of Iowa, Food Evolution wrestles with the emotions and the science driving both sides of one of the most heated arguments of our time.

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Running Time: 92 minutes92 MIN
Not Rated
This Film is Wheelchair Accessible

A polished and provocative call for activists to be as scientifically minded as they believe they are.

John DeFore
Hollywood Reporter