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THE COMMON EXPERIENCE PROJECT ON SUSTAINABILITY IS HAPPY TO PRESENT A GREAT LINEUP OF DOCUMENTARY FILMS THIS FALL. The project goal is to create an engaging and educational experience for students, faculty, staff and the regional community. Attendees will acquire a deeper understanding of the current issues and concepts related to sustainability. No matter how much or how little you know about these issues, the films present an accessible avenue to learn about the topics presented. The films explore the intersection of the environment and sustainability through consumer demands and biodiversity, social justice, forest protections and grass roots innovation, energy production and industry control, species impacts and educational approaches to problem solving and engagement. Each film is pertinent to the challenges facing us, chosen for its beauty and current relevance. Following each showing a panel discussion or talk with the film producer or filmmaker is offered to the audience. This year we are welcoming director Eve Morgenstern (Cheshire Ohio) and Todd Walters producer (International Peace Parks Expeditions) as well as a variety of faculty, students and community members who share in the discussion and exploration of each film. This event is sponsored by the Athena Cinema, the Environmental Studies program,Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, Alden Library, OU College of Arts and Sciences: Sustainability Studies, Food Theme, Ohio Sense of Place, and the Office of Sustainability.


dir. Fran Lambrick/ 57 mins.

In Cambodia’s Prey Lang Forest deforestation is devastating the lives of the indigenous population. Environmental activist Chut Wutty is determined to fight the illegal practices of logging companies but when investigating a secret military-controlled logging site, Wutty is shot dead. The film follows Wutty’s fierce battle against illegal logging in an extraordinary tale of one person’s courageous battle to save Cambodia’s forests. Following Wutty through the campaigns which ultimately led to his death, I am Chut Wutty offers inspiring insight into his battle against the destruction of Cambodia’s forests.


dir. Sarah Feinbloom & Alexandra Swati Guild / 23 mins

This film tells the inspiring story of a sustainable agro-forestry community in Trinidad & Tobago West Indies, called Fondes Amandes, led by a charismatic Rastafarian woman, Akilah Jaramogi. Three decades ago Akilah settled on a barren, deforested hillside, blighted with floods in the rainy season and fires in the dry season. Together with her late husband, Tacuma, they started a family and reforested over 150 acres, restoring health to the hills and the watershed just outside the capital city of Port-of-Spain. When her husband died, Akilah continued this great work, initiating the Fondes Amandes Community Reforestation Project (FACRP), training community members as stewards of the forests and waters. Today Fondes Amandes is a thriving village atop a flourishing forest of 150 acres where residents have planted about 60,000 seedlings over the past thirty years. This documentary urges young viewers everywhere to examine opportunities in the face of challenges.


dir. Jean Andrews and Steve Fetsch/15 mins

A Forest Returns follows the environmental and social conditions that led to the establishment of the Wayne National Forest and the region’s evolving relationship with the land and forests told by local conservationist Ora Anderson. By local filmmaker Jean Andrews and Steve Fetsch.


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Running Time: 97 min97 MIN
Not Rated
This Film is Wheelchair Accessible