Classics & Cocktails: GHOST

Watch Trailer Director: Jerry Zucker
Writer(s): Bruce Joel Rubin
Cast: Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg
Awards: Oscar - Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Picture (nom), Best Editing (nom), Best Original Score (nom)

The second film in our Classics & Cocktails series is GHOST. The featured cocktail is the Ditto Gimlet, made with Eleven Square Gin, fresh lime, simple syrup, cucumber, mint, Angostura, rose water and salt.

Sam (Patrick Swayze) and Molly (Demi Moore) are madly in love with one another and thrilled to be taking their relationship to the next step by moving into a lavish Manhattan apartment together. When a fateful chance encounter with a mugger leads to Sam’s murder, Molly is left to move on and deal with her grief. However, little does Molly know that Sam has not completely left her – his discovers that, due to his love for Molly, his ghost remains. Sam eventually comes in contact with psychic Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) and the duo try earnestly to make Molly believe that Sam is trying to say his final goodbye. Meanwhile, Sam’s “friend” Carl (Tony Goldwyn) is trying to fill the hole in Molly’s life, mostly as a pretense for finding Sam’s book of bank account passwords which Carl wants to use for an illicit transaction. Carl ends up hiring the same criminal who killed Sam to break into Molly’s apartment to steal the book, but Sam learns of the plot and does his supernatural utmost to stop it.

Released in 1990, GHOST was not only the highest-grossing film of that year, but it was also nominated for five Academy Awards (two of which it won – Best Supporting Actress for Whoopi Goldberg and Best Screenplay for Bruce Joel Rubin). Beyond that, the film’s legacy remains strong decades later due to iconic moments like the “pottery wheel love scene”, its enchanting soundtrack, its original use of special effects, and its performances from an amazing cast. GHOST is a truly unique love story that will continue to haunt you for all the years to come!

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Running Time: 127 MIN127 MIN
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