Headspace: The Sound of Life

Director: Jethro Senger

Joining our Music on Film week, HEADSPACE,  an 85-minute documentary brought to you by local filmmakers, was filmed in ten countries over the course of three years and brings us to the mystical land of electronic music parties and the people creating them. The film is a multi-sensory journey stemming from years of dance music evolution, delivering the stories of those encapsulated by the scene. A cosmic voyage filled with superstar and underground DJ’s, side-trips with characters of the night, and a sound track comprised of over 20 top electronic musicians will open your soul as a dedicated search for the party will explain why the sounds have captured the global heart.

To director/producer Jethro Senger, this is a careful ethnography, a detailed survey of a distinct culture in an effort to explain the massive attraction to this music. His pursuit was the “headspace,” the place in the mind where one finds the answer to why this movement has been so magnetizing, and to capture the youth spirit inside of us all. His was not to provide answers, merely to ask the required questions to get a definite picture of the dance music culture, create a journey for those who weren’t there and memories for those who were.

Visit http://www.headspacemovie.com/trailer.html for the trailer

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Running Time: 83 minutes83 MIN