How Ohio Pulled It Off

Watch Trailer Director: Charla Barker, Matthew Kraus, Mariana Quiroga
Writer(s): Charla Barker, Matthew Kraus, Mariana Quiroga
Cast: Cliff Arnebeck, Ron Baiman and Ken Blackwell

How Ohio Pulled It Off is a provocative documentary that provides evidence of election fraud in the United States. On election night 2004, U.S. citizens were glued to their television, impatiently waiting to discover which candidate wold claim 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. as their new home. Among fifty states, the decision ultimately came down to one: Ohio. What happened in Ohio, on that fateful day in November? What will happen on the same day in November 2012? This documentary archives the theft of the election and the public outcry of infuriated citizens that followed. Casting a shadow of uncertainty during the 2008 election, the same can be said for the election of 2012.

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Running Time: 52 minutes52 MIN