Spring Sustainability Series: JUMBO WILD & MOVING THE GIANTS

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Jumbo Wild

Director: Nick Waggoner

For decades, First Nations, conservationists, backcountry skiers and snowboarders have fought a proposed large-scale ski resort deep in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia. After 24 years of opposition, what more will it take to keep Jumbo wild for good? This film explores the value of protected wilderness and the ever-encroaching battle against development at all costs. Breathtaking beauty, filmed in British Columbia.



Moving the Giants

Director: Michael Ramsey

Moving the Giants, A Urgent Plan to Save the Planet tells the story of arborist David Milarch, as he helps California coast redwoods migrate northward to survive climate changes that threaten their current habitat. His is one path to promote “treequestration,” a mass movement to use one of nature’s most prolific methods to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce the amount of future climate change.

This event is sponsored by the Athena Cinema and Alden Library.

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