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In a fertile floodplain in El Salvador, a peasant movement discover new challenges, climate crisis, exacerbated by an economy of ruinous extraction. The solutions they come up with will be a revelation for audiences in the prosperous north. On the surface, the life of these campesinos may resemble the past: but in their model may lie the key to the future.


“I have been protesting outside the Swedish parliament every Friday to pressure the government to comply with the Paris agreement.” Sixteen year old Greta Thunberg has drawn international attention to her fight against climate change. She has now reached her 21st strike from school and inspired children all over the world to follow her. Meanwhile, 68-year-old Billy Barr, who lives in an isolated house at 2,900m altitude in the Rockies, has been measuring snowfall every day for 46 years. “I started writing down the daily weather, and that’s all it was, it was entertaining. But after five years I went back to my notebooks, and compared that winter to all the other winters, and I kept doing that year after year.” In 1990 a biologist learned of Billy’s data, and it is now crucial to scientists’ understanding of the rate at which climate change is occurring. “He’s someone that can convey how the world’s changing…he brings a story that people can connect to personally.”

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Running Time: 51 MIN51 MIN
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