Watch Trailer Director: Rich Peppiatt
Cast: Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap, DJ Próvaí, Michael Fassbender

Whether or not you’ve heard of the Northern Irish hip hop trio Kneecap, this new biopic from Sony Pictures Classics will tell you the mostly true story of how they came to be. Playing themselves, groups members – Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap, and DJ Próvaí – star alongside a cast that includes Michael Fassbender, Josie Walker, and Simone Kirby in this fun comedy about the rise to fame intersecting with a desire to express your moral and political ideas via music and graffiti.

Scripted and directed by Rich Peppiatt (with input from the members of Kneecap), the film was the first Irish-language film to ever premiere at the Sundance Film Festival where it won the NEXT Audience Award.


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Running Time: 105 MIN105 MIN
This Film is Wheelchair Accessible