LA CHIMERA: Last Day Thursday, May 23rd

Todays Show Times: 7:15

Watch Trailer Director: Alice Rohrwacher
Writer(s): Alice Rohrwacher
Cast: Josh O'Connor, Yile Vianello, Isabella Rosellini,
Language: Italian - English Open Captions

Arthur is a disgraced British archaeologist who returns to his beloved Tuscany after a stint in prison for the unenviable crime of grave-robbing. Although he has a mysterious talent for using a divining rod to find ancient artifacts buried beneath the soil, he isn’t necessarily looking to return to his previous occupation. Rather, his melancholy homecoming is more the product of not having anything better to do and the fact that the Italian country side feels most like home to him. Plus, his dreams are haunted by visions of the woman who stirs his heart and who he’s somehow lost earlier in his life. Arthur soon discovers that what he is truly searching for will require an excavation through the layers of his sordid past to uncover the lost treasure of love.

Josh O’Connor (The Crown) stars in this very magical and very real romantic drama written and directed by Italian filmmaker Alice Rohrwacher. And, award-winning cinematographer Hélène Louvart’s camera work – which has been a feature of films from directors like Wim Wenders, Claire Denis, and Jacques Doillon – adds lots of depth to this enchanting period piece set in the 1980’s.



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Running Time: 130 MIN130 MIN
Open Captioning is available for this film. This Film is Wheelchair Accessible
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