LOVE LIES BLEEDING: Last Day Sunday, April 7th

Watch Trailer Director: Rose Glass
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Katy, O'Brian, Ed Harris, Dave Franco

Kristen Stewart stars as “Lou”, a small town gym owner who’s trying to toe the straight-and-narrow and get out from under the shadow of her family’s criminal tendencies. When up-and-coming bodybuilder Jackie (Katy O’Brian) passes through on her way to a big competition in Las Vegas, Lou falls hard for her and the two begin a passionate love affair. The flames of passion, however, end up kindling a bigger inferno that ultimately engulfs them in a wildfire of revenge.

From A24 Studios, Love Lies Bleeding is a steamy, edgy romantic thriller that could have been pulled from the pages of an old pulp novel. This sophomore effort from British filmmaker Rose Glass (Saint Maud) also features a tour-de-force performance from Ed Harris as Lou’s father/nemesis “Lou Sr.”




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Running Time: 104 MINS104 MIN
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Love Lies Bleeding melds a greasy crime drama with a gritty love story, presenting a saga steeped in steroid-fueled rage, white trash aesthetics, and memorably bad haircuts.

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