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Highlighting Our Budding Filmmakers

With its rich tradition of fostering the development of young filmmakers and cultivating a deep love for the artform of cinema, Ohio University’s School of Film continues in its mission of immersing students in the study of film concepts to further educate them about the role film plays as a dynamic cultural force and an expressive means of storytelling.

While its one thing to learn about film in the classroom and in hands-on filmmaking exercises, its another thing entirely to be able to see your finished product on the actual “big screen”. That’s where we come in! The Athena is proud to coordinate with the faculty and student body of the School of Film to regularly showcase the work of students from both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs each semester.

These screenings are often well-attended by SoF faculty, students, and their families; however, we strongly encourage the community to join us in taking part in celebrating the hard work and sheer creative joy that these nascent films convey. Chances are you’ll someday see the names of these budding young artists in the credits of your favorite feature film!

For more info about the Film program available via OHIO’s College of Fine Arts, visit their website here




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