Out at the Movies: PRINCESS CYD

Watch Trailer Director: Stephen Cone
Writer(s): Stephen Cone
Cast: Rebecca Stone, Jessie Pinnick, Malic White, James Vincent Meredith

Set during the sweltering Chicago summer, this charming slice-of-life story follows Cyd, a sporty 16-year-old girl visiting her intellectual middle-aged aunt Miranda, a successful novelist. As these two opposites strive to find common ground, each follows her own path to self-discovery. From Stephen Cone (Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party) comes an affecting tale about generational difference, sexual identity, spirituality—and the delicate process of opening up to human intimacy.

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Running Time: 96 minutes96 MIN
Not Rated
This Film is Wheelchair Accessible

Princess Cyd is one of those films in which the artifice of filmmaking almost drops away and you start to feel like you know Cyd and Miranda.

Brian Tallerico