Classics & Cocktails: SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER

Watch Trailer Director: John Badham
Cast: John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney

How deep is your love…for this classic movie?! This is the film that made John Travolta and The Bee Gees household names. This is the film that cinema critic Gene Siskel put at the top of his list of all-time favorites. This is the film that will make you want to boogie!

The featured cocktail is the Midori Sour, made with Midori melon liqueur, Eleven Square vodka, fresh lemon and lime juice and soda water.

Travolta is “Tony Manero”, a Brooklyn teen on the verge of manhood, who works a dead-end job in a paint store by day but becomes king of the dancefloor among the nightlife of his favorite discotheque. The gritty streets of New York are a tough place for a young man, however, and Tony finds himself embroiled in several situations that threaten to break him down and undermine his faith in the power of dance to set him free.

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER is, possibly, the quintessential late-70’s film, featuring a hip-shaking, Grammy-winning soundtrack that almost-singlehandedly launched the American Disco craze. It also garnered Travolta an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. It continues to resonate with audiences and influence popular culture nearly half-a-century later.

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Running Time: 118 MIN118 MIN
This Film is Wheelchair Accessible