Stanley Kubrick Retrospective: 8 Weeks of Kubrick

For Spring Semester, the Athena Cinema is ushering in a retrospective of eight classic Stanley Kubrick Films. Don’t miss your chance to see these masterpieces on the big screen.

Jan 27 & 28 : Paths of Glory
Feb 3 & 4: Spartacus
Feb 10 & 11: Clockwork Orange
Feb 17 & 18: Barry Lyndon
Feb 24 & 25: 2001: A Space Odyssey
March 10 & 11: The Shining
March 17 & 18: Full Metal Jacket
March 24 & 25: Eyes Wide Shut

“This man, in spite of the widespread reputation he had for mastering his means of expression, was misunderstood and misinterpreted every time he made a film. I’ve often asked myself why. In fact, only once did he have unanimously positive reviews, and they were for …Paths of Glory. I’ve never understood how people who are so attached to film never realized that he was number one.”
Jack Nicholson


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