I Love Gay 90’s: THE BIRDCAGE

Viewing: June 06,2024

Watch Trailer Director: Mike Nichols
Writer(s): Elaine May
Cast: Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman, Dianne West

Armand Goldman (Robin Williams) is a gay Jewish man who owns a nightclub in Miami’s South Beach neighborhood – “The Birdcage” – a venue that has a well-known reputation for its drag shows. In fact, Armand’s partner Albert (Nathan Lane) is the main attraction, performing under the name “Starina.” When Armand’s son Val, a product of a one-night stand with a woman, shows up and explains that he intends to marry a right-wing senator’s daughter, Armand and Albert are compelled to “go into the closet” and pretend to be straight men so that Val can introduce them to the girl’s parents. Things get sticky when a political scandal breaks out involving a colleague of the conservative senator who dies in the arms of a black prostitute, and the real identity of Armand, Albert, and their nightclub is in danger of coming to light.

Mike Nichols, who was involved in the original 1983 Broadway adaptation, directs this hilarious cinematic adaptation of La Cage aux Folles, the 1973 French play by Jean Poiret. Featuring a supporting cast that includes Gene Hackman, Dianne West, and Hank Azaria, The Birdcage is a fun and flamboyant comedy about what happens when one’s true identity is forced into hiding, and its critical acclaim made it a landmark film with respect to LGBTQ representation in mass media.

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Running Time: 117 MIN117 MIN
This Film is Wheelchair Accessible
Thursday 06/067:00