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From its inception, The N-word has both empowered and demoralized, as if it is a core basis for assessing one’s character or root identification. Initially, its etymology conferred uniform contempt for black people. But soon, The N-word became a linguistic lightning rod, separating friend from foe and defining respective politics and ideals.

More than ever, common opinions about The N-word now span a wide spectrum of perspectives, including pro, con, and those that employ the judicial analysis of free speech – it all depends on the time, place, and manner. The range of opinions and attitudes are often influenced by cultural, generational, and psychographic factors, and qualifying distinctions are frequently made on the basis of pronunciation or ethnic eligibility to even speak the word.

What quantifiable impact can be measured by the infliction or mere utterance of The N-word?

How does it strengthen a bond or pierce the fragile membrane of civility?

What would happen if the N-word were put on trial?

Join us for an interactive deliberation on Black Alumni Reunion Weekend, presented by Res Ipsa Media and producer/OU alum Kyle Bowser. Free admission!

Sponsored by the Center for Law, Justice, and Culture and the Scripps Diversity Committee.

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