Wild at Heart: Let’s Do Lynch

Watch Trailer Director: David Lynch
Writer(s): Barry Gifford, David Lynch
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern, Willem Dafoe

David Lynch explores old theme: the story of two people (Cage and Dern) who thoroughly love each other, of two people whose love seems so strong that nothing can corrupt it. Yet, the evil forces of murder, corruption and perversion, which lurk beneath the seemingly clean surface of modern day America transform their journey into a ghost train ride and challenge their love to the extremes.

The Athena Cinema presents “Let’s Do Lynch”, eight weeks of feature films by David Lynch. All shows start at 7:00 p.m. Admission is $6.50.

9/7 &8: Elephant Man
9/14 & 15: Dune
9/21 & 22: Blue Velvet
9/28 & 29: Wild At Heart
10/5&6: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
10/12 & 13: Lost Highway
10/19 & 20: Mulholland Drive
10/26 & 27: Eraserhead

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Running Time: 125 min125 MIN
NC-17 Rated