National Event Day: 1984

Director: Michael Radford
Writer(s): Michael Radford, Jonathan Gems
Cast: John Hurt, Richard Burton, Suzanna Hamilton

The Athena Cinema in conjunction with the Athens International Film + Video Festival presents “1984” National Screening Day. On April 4, 2017, the Athena along with almost 90 art house movie theaters across the country will be participating collectively in a NATIONAL EVENT DAY screening of the 80’s movie “1984.”

The film follows Winston Smith, a bureaucratic flunky living in a totalitarian state, breaks the law by falling in love with Julia. Attempting to escape, Winston and Julia are tracked down by the Thought Police and “re-educated” into loving the State.

This date was chosen because it’s the day George Orwell’s protagonist Winston Smith begins rebelling against his oppressive government by keeping a forbidden diary.  Orwell’s portrait of a government that manufactures their own facts, demands total obedience, and demonizes foreign enemies, has never been timelier. The endeavor encourages theaters to take a stand for our most basic values: freedom of speech, respect for our fellow human beings, and the simple truth that there are no such things as ‘alternative facts.’

Join us at the Athena for this national event!

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Running Time: 113 minutes113 MIN
R Rated