20TH CENTURY WOMEN: Last Day Thursday, February 9th

Watch Trailer Director: Mike Mills
Writer(s): Mike Mills
Cast: Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, Greta Gerwig

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During the summer of 1979, a Santa Barbara single mom and boardinghouse landlord (Annette Bening) decides the best way she can parent her teenage son (Lucas Jade Zumann) is to enlist her young tenants – a quirky punk photographer (Greta Gerwig), a mellow handyman (Billy Crudup) and her son’s shrewd best friend (Elle Fanning) – to serve as role models in a changing world.

“The most surprising part of the movie is how well Mills writes his three women, and how accurately he pinpoints their very distinct anxieties.” — Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic 

“There’s not a single false, ‘actor-y’ note in Bening’s work. It is a master class in nuanced acting, and it is deserving of an Academy Award.” — Richard Roeper, Chicago-Sun Times

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Running Time: 119 minutes119 MIN
R Rated