Watch Trailer Director: Travis Irvine
Writer(s): Travis Irvine
Cast: Yang Miller, James Myers, Zach Riedmaier, Mitch Rose, Ervin Ross, and Ron Jeremy

A special, one-night only screening for Travis Irvine’s locally-made Killer Raccoons! 2!: Dark Christmas in the Dark, starring the Athena’s Yang Miller.

On a cold Christmas Eve, former mild-mannered college student Casey Smallwood is released from prison after serving 10 years for underage drinking. Eager to get out of town, he plans to meet his long time pen pal on a train to Washington, D.C., but after the holiday express enters the winter wilderness, it’s hijacked by a group of domestic terrorists and highly-intelligent, government-trained raccoons! Not one to back down from a raccoon fight, Casey joins forces with a porter on the train to try and bring down the terrorists and their top secret, raccoon-controlled, military laser satellite!

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