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Art House Theater Day

Sunday, September 24th!

Art House Theater Day celebrates the legacy of independent theaters as advocates for cinema arts. In an age where media has become more digital than tangible, more solitary than social, art house theaters remain the physical spaces where film lovers congregate and connect with intrepid, creative filmmaking. They are the beating heart for new and exciting cinema that is shaping the future of the medium.

In recent decades, a colorful constellation of art houses has emerged across the globe. This art house movement has nurtured a flourishing ecosystem of adventurous audiences, independent productions, and an incredible diversity of original filmmaking. Art House Theater Day is a worldwide celebration in honor of this movement, a day to celebrate cinemas that stand the test of time and the tremendous film culture that art house theaters promote.

Upcoming Art House Theater Day Showings

TITICUT FOLLIES with Frederick Wiseman and Wes Anderson

Visit the State Prison for the Criminally Insane at Bridgewater, Massachusetts with renowned filmmaker Frederick Wiseman in this highly-controversial yet essential documentary, digitally remastered for its 50th Anniversary. Screening includes never-before-seen trial... [read more]

First Viewing September 24, 2017


A 90-year-old atheist (Harry Dean Stanton) has outlived and out-smoked his contemporaries, and as he comes to terms with his own mortality, he searches for ever-elusive enlightenment. An advanced screening, exclusively playing... [read more]

First Viewing September 24, 2017

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