Athena Awarded Multiple Art House America Campaign Grants

The College of Fine Arts is excited to announce that the Athena Cinema has received two grants from the Art House America Campaign that helps independent cinemas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Art House America Campaign was made possible thanks to both art-house cinema fans and filmmakers. Starting on GoFundMe, the campaign received initial support from film-restoration companies the Criterion Collection and Janus Films. The Fundraising team includes indie auteurs Sofia Coppola, John Waters, Barry Jenkins and Wes Anderson, among others. The campaign provided financial relief to independent cinemas across the country and received a total $842,088 in donations.

The Athena was one of over 150 independent theaters nationwide that temporarily closed to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The Athena was awarded a $2,500 Art House America Campaign emergency grant. In light of the campaign’s success, the campaign awarded the Athena a second grant of $2,735. The grants will assist the Athena with essential costs during the pandemic.

As Christopher Nolan wrote in the Washington Post, “When this crisis passes, the need for collective human engagement, the need to live and love and laugh and cry together, will be more powerful than ever.”

The Athena Cinema staff looks forward to serving the public when it is safe to reopen. A date for reopen has not yet been set.

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