BLIZZARD OF SOULS: Last Day Thursday, April 15th

Watch Trailer Director: Dzintars Dreibergs
Cast: Oto Brantevics, Ieva Florence, Raimonds Celms
Language: Latvian

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About the film

Blizzard of Souls pays stark witness to the horrors and brutality of the First World War, as seen through the eyes of an innocent 17-year-old farm-boy turned soldier. Though he is underage, and his dad, a former marksman, is overage for the army, they are both conscripted into one of Latvia’s first national battalions. The thrill of training is soon followed by reality, as shells burst around them in the endless mud. He grows up on the battlefield, fighting at the side of his father and brother, their lives are constantly in jeopardy.

Adapted from the book by Aleksandrs Grins, which was banned in the U.S.S.R., the story was based on Grins’ own war experiences in a Latvian battalion, and the film is the biggest box office success in Latvia in the past 30 years.


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Running Time: 123 min123 MIN
This Film is Wheelchair Accessible

A lavishly mounted, lion-hearted first world war epic based on a book banned by the Soviets for 60 years.

Ellen Jones
The Guardian