MY LITTLE SISTER: Last Day Thursday, April 15th

Watch Trailer Director: Stéphanie Chuat, Véronique Reymond
Cast: Nina Hoss, Lars Eidinger, Marthe Keller
Language: English, French, German

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About the film

Brilliant playwright, Lisa, no longer writes. She lives in Switzerland with her family but her heart has stayed in Berlin, beating to the rhythm of her brother’s heart. The ties between the twins have grown stronger since Sven was diagnosed with an aggressive type of leukemia. He’s a famous theater actor and Lisa refuses to accept his fate, moving heaven and earth to get him back on stage. She gives her all for her soul mate, neglecting everything else, even risking her marriage. Her relationship with her husband starts to fall apart, but Lisa only has eyes for her brother, her mirror, who connects her back with her deepest aspirations and rekindles her desire to create, to feel alive…


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Running Time: 99 min99 MIN
This Film is Wheelchair Accessible

The quiet wonder of My Little Sister, Switzerland's Oscar entry, is its cumulative effect... Every moment strengthens the essence of the drama -- the bond of love between two people who came out of their mother's womb within seconds of one another.

Joe Morgenstern
Wall Street Journal