The Master

Watch Trailer Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Writer(s): Paul Thomas Anderson
Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, and Amy Adams
Awards: Won "Best Director" and "Best Actor" (for both Hoffman and Phoenix) at the Venice Film Festival

THE MASTER stars Joaquin Phoenix as a psychologically damaged war veteran who finds himself working for Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman), a charismatic figure building his own religion. As the alcoholic, self-destructive former soldier becomes more deeply involved with the leader of this cult-like organization, his natural instincts keep him from embracing his new position as strongly as others in the group would hope.

P.T. Anderson’s latest film is sure to join the long line of critical successes that the director has amassed throughout his career.  Films such as BOOGIE NIGHTS, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, PUNCH DRUNK LOVE, and MAGNOLIA have cemented Anderson as one of America’s best living directors.  Amy Adams and Jesse Plemons also star.

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Running Time: 137 minutes137 MIN
R Rated
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Science on Screen: IDIOCRACY with Dr. Molly Morris

Todays Show Times:

Watch Trailer Director: Mike Judge
Writer(s): Mike Judge
Cast: Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, Dax Shepard, Terry Crews

The Athena presents Science on Screen: a series which pairs an expected film with a dynamic scientist to bring you enlightenment with your entertainment. We will be screening the satirical sci-fi comedy “Idiocracy” from director Mike Judge, the creator of King of the Hill and Beavis and Butt-Head, with guest presenter Dr. Molly R. Morris, from the department of Biological Sciences. We will explore how evolution by natural selection could produce a human race of idiots! The presentation will feature some of her current research on how mate preferences are important in evolution, as well as some hypotheses on why the human brain has been getting smaller over the past 20,000 years.

About Idiocracy:

Private Joe Bowers (Wilson), the definition of “average American”, is selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a top-secret hibernation program, set 545 years in the future. He discovers a society so incredibly dumbed-down that he’s easily the most intelligent person alive.

“There’s a good chance that Judge’s smartly lowbrow Idiocracy will be mistaken for what it’s satirizing, but good satire always runs the risk — of being misunderestimated.”-The A.V. Club, Nathan Rabin

This event is FREE and open to the public. One night only.

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Running Time: 84 Minutes84 MIN
R Rated
This Film is Wheelchair Accessible
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Watch Trailer Director: Ron Fricke
Writer(s): Ron Fricke, Mark Magidson
Awards: Won "Best Documentary" at the Dublin International Film Festival

Samsara is a Sanskrit word that means “the ever turning wheel of life” and is the point of departure for the filmmakers as they search for the elusive current of interconnection that runs through our lives.  Filmed over a period of almost five years and in twenty-five countries, Samsara transports us to sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial sites, and natural wonders.  By dispensing with dialogue and descriptive text, Samsara subverts our expectations of a traditional documentary, instead encouraging our own inner interpretations inspired by images and music that infuses the ancient with the modern.

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Running Time: 102102 MIN
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Liberal Arts

Watch Trailer Director: Josh Radnor
Writer(s): Josh Radnor
Cast: Josh Radnor, Elizabeth Olsen, and Zac Efron
Awards: Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival 2012

Opening October 12 at the Athena Cinema.

Newly single, 35, and uninspired by his job, Jesse Fisher (writer/director Josh Radnor) worries that his best days are behind him. But no matter how much he buries his head in a book, life keeps pulling Jesse back. When his favorite college professor invites him to campus to speak at his retirement dinner, Jesse jumps at the chance. He is prepared for the nostalgia of the dining halls and dorm rooms, the parties and poetry seminars; what he doesn’t see coming is Zibby (Elizabeth Olsen)—a beautiful, precocious, classical-music-loving sophomore. Zibby awakens scary, exciting, long-dormant feelings of possibility and connection that Jesse thought he had buried forever.

There will be no 7:20 screening of Liberal Arts on Wednesday, October 17th.

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Running Time: 97 minutes97 MIN
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Your Sister’s Sister

Watch Trailer Director: Lynn Shelton
Writer(s): Lynn Shelton
Cast: Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt

Leaving Thursday, October 11th

YOUR SISTER’S SISTER is a new comedy about romance, grief and sibling rivalry. A year after his brother Tom’s death, Jack is still struggling emotionally. When he makes a scene at a memorial party, Tom’s best friend Iris offers up her family cabin on an island in the Pacific Northwest so Jack can seek catharsis in solitude. Once there, however, he runs into Iris’ sister Hannah who is reeling from the abrupt end of a seven-year relationship and finds solace in Tom’s unexpected presence. A blurry evening of drinking concludes with an awkward sexual incident, made worse by Iris’ sudden presence at the cabin the next morning. A twisted tale of ever-complicated relationships is set in motion with raw, hilarious and emotional performances from the all-star cast.

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Running Time: 90 Minutes90 MIN
R Rated
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Killer Joe

Watch Trailer Director: William Friedkin
Writer(s): Tracy Letts
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch and Juno Temple

When 22-year-old Chris finds himself in debt to a drug lord, he hires a hit man to dispatch his mother, whose $50,000 life insurance policy benefits his sister Dottie. Chris finds Joe Cooper, a creepy, crazy Dallas cop who moonlights as a contract killer. When Chris can’t pay Joe upfront, Joe sets his sight on Dottie as collateral for the job. The contract killer and his hostage develop an unusual bond. Like from a modern-day, twisted fairy tale, “Killer Joe” Cooper becomes the prince to Dottie’s Cinderella.

Director William Friedkin, no stranger to controversy and censorship during his career (THE EXORCIST spurred protests across the country), has made a triumphant return with KILLER JOE.

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Running Time: 102 minutes102 MIN
NC-17 Rated
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Watch Trailer Director: Richard Linklater
Writer(s): Richard Linklater
Cast: Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine, Matthew McConaughey

In the tiny, rural town of Carthage, TX, assistant funeral director Bernie Tiede was one of the town’s most beloved residents. He taught Sunday school, sang in the church choir and was always willing to lend a helping hand. Everyone loved and appreciated Bernie, so it came as no surprise when he befriended Marjorie Nugent, an affluent widow who was as well known for her sour attitude as her fortune. Bernie frequently traveled with Marjorie and even managed her banking affairs. Marjorie quickly became fully dependant on Bernie and his generosity and Bernie struggled to meet her increasing demands. Bernie continued to handle her affairs, and the townspeople went months without seeing Marjorie. The people of Carthage were shocked when it was reported that Marjorie Nugent had been dead for some time, and Bernie Tiede was being charged with the murder. From the director who brought you DAZED AND CONFUSED and WAKING LIFE, starring Jack Black, Matthew McConaughey and Shirley MacLaine.


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Running Time: 104 min104 MIN
PG-13 Rated
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All Fall Down: Ashes to Ashes

Taking place Saturday, September 30th at 7:00pm, the Athena will be showing a film by local filmmaker, Dane McCarthy. The horror flick “All Fall Down” features an all-star cast of local actors! Don’t miss this thriller, complete with government conspiracies, femme fatales and a psychopathic killer with a nervous twitch!

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School of Film First Year Screenings

The Athena Cinema will be hosting a free screening of first-year School of Film students. Selected works will be presented by students from their first year in the School of Film’s MFA class.


Selections are made from each student’s portfolio which includes two 13-minute narrative films and one 35-minute documentary. The students were given strict parameters and budgets for their projects and acted as editor, producer, screenwriter, and costume designer.


The First-Year Screening will take place on Saturday, September 29 at 7:30 p.m. at the Athena Cinema on 20 South Court St.

Admission is FREE and open to the public.

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The Intouchables

Watch Trailer Director: Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano
Writer(s): Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano
Cast: Francois Cluzet, Omar Sy, and Anne Le Ny
Awards: Best Actor (Omar Sy) Cesare Awards, Best Cast and Tokyo Grand Prix, Tokyo International Film Festival
Language: French with English subtitles

An irreverent, uplifting comedy about friendship, trust and human possibility,The Intouchables has broken box office records in its native France and across Europe. Based on a true story of friendship between a handicap millionaire (Francois Cluzet) and his street smart ex-con caretaker (Omar Sy),The Intouchables depicts an unlikely camaraderie rooted in honesty and humor between two individuals who, on the surface, would seem to have nothing in common. Directed Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, the film was nominated for a total of nine 2012 César Awards, France’s equivalent to the Oscars, including Best Picture, and winning Best Actor for breakout star Omar Sy, and won the Grand Prize at the 2011 Tokyo International Film Festival.

Please note that the 9:40 screening of The Intouchables will be canceled on Saturday, September 29th.

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Running Time: 112 minutes112 MIN
R Rated
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