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Dear Athena Supporters,

We have an exciting announcement! Our team has curated newly-released films for you, available to stream online from home.

When you rent one of these films you are not only supporting independent film but also supporting the Athena Cinema and our mission.

Please see FAQs about the Virtual Cinema Screenings below.

Thank you again and enjoy the show!


Virtual Screenings FAQ


What are virtual cinema screenings? Virtual cinema screenings are ticketed screenings of films unavailable on any other VOD platform that viewers can enjoy from the privacy of their own home.  Once a customer purchases a ticket they will receive access to a temporary film rental.

How can viewers enjoy a virtual screening? Audiences can buy tickets through their local art house cinema.

How does this support independent theaters? Virtual screenings allow theaters to keep programming films, even when their doors are closed. A portion of each ticket sale will go directly to the buyer’s local art house cinema.

I just purchased the film but I don’t see how to watch it? First, check your email and make sure your purchase went through. The email you were sent should have a link for you to access the film.

I’m an Athena Cinema member. Do you offer member pricing? Unfortunately, due to our arrangements with distributors, we aren’t able to offer member pricing for these films.

Can I use Athena Cinema gift cards for virtual screenings? Unfortunately, that’s not an option at the moment. You’ll be able to use them in-person for our showings at the theater.

If you aren’t able to find the answer to your question here or through the screening link, please reach out to us at athenacinema@ohio.edu. We appreciate your patience as we start this new initiative.

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